Conservative Internationalist

Conservatives who want an open, global and responsible Britain.


Welcome to the Conservative Internationalist, a platform for conservatives who want an open, global and responsible Britain.

Leaving the European Union presents many challenges, particularly to our position in the world. However, it also gives us an opportunity to ensure that the UK has a stronger voice internationally. We believe for Britain to succeed we must remain an active, outward-looking nation, one that is engaged with the world, not looking in on itself.

The Conservative Internationalist is a space for conservatives to debate how we maintain Britain’s leading global role and ensure we succeed after leaving the European Union. Dedicated, also, to discussing international events, Britain’s external policies and the Brexit negotiations with the EU-27.

This site will be home to a variety of writers, all of whom are conservatives and believe in a global Britain. We are open for anyone to submit articles, so feel free to get in touch at